Ursula von der Leyen

President of the @EU_Commission. Mother of seven. Brussels-born. European by heart. 🇪🇺

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🇪🇺🇺🇸 @POTUS and I are intensifying our cooperation for the energy security of the EU and its neighbourhood. The US… https://t.co/UvCmfYCKQh

28/01/22 15:16:13
Half of all adults in the EU now had their booster shot. This is good. But we need to do more. Vaccination and b… https://t.co/N3FGbowvax

28/01/22 08:21:24
Today, #WeRemember the millions who perished in the Holocaust. To remember is also to look to the future. The… https://t.co/v11KbK0NC5

27/01/22 20:08:41
Excellent call with HH Emir @TamimBinHamad on stepping up EU-Qatar partnership, including on energy. Important to… https://t.co/Q2DYUqfkyQ

27/01/22 16:23:16
Frau Friedländer, thank you for sharing your survivor's story. It is the greatest service you can do for Europe’s… https://t.co/WcGcZYpQzu

27/01/22 14:26:35
Honoured to be received by His Majesty Philippe, King of the Belgians. We reviewed European and international aff… https://t.co/NKA3lOC0i0

27/01/22 11:03:54
Good phone call with Canadian Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau tonight. Part of the ongoing close transatlantic coor… https://t.co/WZKgLMX0tF

26/01/22 20:44:03
🇪🇺🇫🇷 Bonne nouvelle pour la France! Nous estimons qu'elle a fait un pas majeur pour recevoir un paiement important… https://t.co/fVuLyovwiW

26/01/22 17:04:04
Good meeting with @SerbianPM We discussed Serbia’s EU path, continued progress on the rule of law and engagement i… https://t.co/zb0n3btizo

25/01/22 16:42:41
Good meeting with @PMaurerICRC The @ICRC is one of our most trusted humanitarian partners. We discussed how to… https://t.co/3UZfLEwIi9

25/01/22 15:31:23
Substantive exchange this evening with partners & allies on Ukraine situation. We share the assessment & are under… https://t.co/Yg7xx22aTt

24/01/22 23:28:29
I'm very happy to receive the credentials of the new US ambassador to the EU, Mark Gitenstein. Welcome to Brussels… https://t.co/Mf1656b6Bk

24/01/22 15:27:03
On top of this, we will soon start work on a second, longer-term MFA programme to support the country’s modernisati… https://t.co/D48t8GwtGC

24/01/22 12:20:27
It will help Ukraine now, to address financing needs due to the conflict & support the country’s resilience-buildin… https://t.co/LpQujADY4E

24/01/22 12:09:20
The EU stands by Ukraine. We are firm in our resolve. I am announcing a new financial assistance package, made of… https://t.co/JUH9cr4zCF

24/01/22 12:00:54
Important conversation with Pedro @sanchezcastejon on the current situation in Ukraine. We are united in supporti… https://t.co/SP2zibdZWl

23/01/22 20:13:43
🇱🇹 100 years ago in Kaunas, Lithuania as a young nation shaped its identity through modernism. Today, Europe is b… https://t.co/sNX8aroJKE

22/01/22 20:30:00
I just talked to President @ZelenskyyUa. The EU is firmly on Ukraine’s side. We discussed the current security si… https://t.co/YggoFbXHcq

21/01/22 21:14:51
Excellent phone calls with 🇧🇬 PM Petkov and 🇲🇰 PM Kovachevski, whom I congratulated on his appointment.   Good bila… https://t.co/qzQBlHyUtV

21/01/22 15:54:49
🇫🇮 Good news for Finland, with the first disbursement of funds under #NextGenerationEU. The Finnish recovery plan… https://t.co/32GhnvrOcf

21/01/22 12:00:02
🇫🇮 Hyviä uutisia Suomelle #NextGenerationEU:n ensimmäisen maksuerän myötä. Suomi etenee vahvan elpymissuunnitelman… https://t.co/SeuphHwtvC

21/01/22 12:00:02
🇫🇮 Good news for Finland, with the first disbursement of funds under #NextGenerationEU. The Finnish recovery plan… https://t.co/32GhnvrOcf

21/01/22 12:00:02
We also need trust between nations, as we face, united, Russian interference in our neighbourhood. We want this d… https://t.co/NvrUtzVEAb

20/01/22 15:27:11
Today’s gas crisis must serve to accelerate the transition to clean energy. For this, we also need trust. People… https://t.co/QinNNrpCvt

20/01/22 14:45:43
Our semiconductors supplies come from a few producers outside the EU. This is a dependency we cannot afford. The… https://t.co/GwQnCORUKB

20/01/22 13:23:35
The pandemic showed the power and resilience of democracies. mRNA vaccines were developed by European scientists.… https://t.co/qIXre85iGF

20/01/22 12:26:06
Trust. Our most valuable asset on the way to recovery. Trust in science, for our health. Trust among countries, f… https://t.co/45ds0ZMwRI

20/01/22 11:04:29
Too often, when looking at top positions, men say that it is hard to find women with the right profile. Well, if y… https://t.co/Y7PuD9V4GW

20/01/22 10:02:52
Fresh start today for @EUAsylumAgency, with a new mandate. With more means & new reserve of 500 experts, it suppo… https://t.co/NoUIU3JBYo

19/01/22 15:15:47
Nous voulons un vrai partenariat avec les pays africains, alors qu'ils définissent leurs propres ambitions et leur… https://t.co/5nJtgQV5Hb

19/01/22 13:37:17