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Our emergency plan to reduce gas demand across the EU is now in force. Several Member States have already taken va… https://t.co/V2nZjvGDAy

09/08/22 17:24:18
🇺🇦 Ми надали Україні додаткові 500 мільйонів євро макрофінансової допомоги. Ще 500 мільйонів євро надійдуть завтра… https://t.co/vwJ6wONycF

01/08/22 12:39:34
🇺🇦 We have disbursed an additional €500 million in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. Another €500 million wil… https://t.co/BnFrFPxQgk

01/08/22 12:38:50
🇪🇸 Hoy entregamos a España el segundo pago de #NextGenerationEU por valor de 12.000 millones de €, por el avance de… https://t.co/4Aj8WQkTwq

29/07/22 12:27:10
Blahoželáme Slovensku, ktoré dnes obdrží 400 miliónov EUR v rámci #NextGenerationEU. Je to najmä výsledok úsilia o… https://t.co/BYoqYrReCB

29/07/22 12:07:22
Hoy entregamos a España el segundo pago de #NextGenerationEU por valor de 12.000 millones de €, por el avance de la… https://t.co/SBK9i1rZYF

29/07/22 12:06:28
Labas ziņas Latvijai! 🇱🇻 ir izdarījusi pietiekami, lai saņemtu pirmo #NextGenerationEU maksājumu. Kad citas ES… https://t.co/P02klQrzQv

29/07/22 11:54:26
I strongly welcome the endorsement by Council of the regulation to reduce gas demand and prepare for the winter. I… https://t.co/c2w3G9UPcV

26/07/22 12:45:56
🇺🇦 @EIB за бюджетної підтримки ЄС схвалив 1,59 млрд євро фінансування для України, з яких 1 млрд буде надано негайн… https://t.co/gq67fxwpHv

25/07/22 15:48:12
🇺🇦 The @EIB, with EU budget support, approved €1.59 billion of financing for Ukraine, with €1 billion to be release… https://t.co/7tTKsErLYj

25/07/22 15:47:21
Thank you dear @antonioguterres for your tireless efforts in securing the agreements with @UN and Turkey on 🇺🇦 grai… https://t.co/0aqcuWvKW9

22/07/22 17:45:27
Member States have agreed to our reinforced, prolonged EU sanctions against the Kremlin. I welcome that. It sen… https://t.co/x7vbfXP74z

21/07/22 10:41:54
Once more we have testing times ahead of us. I am confident that we can master this energy crisis, together. Rus… https://t.co/ywH9FyeJVN

20/07/22 15:23:06
Some Member States are more vulnerable to disruptions. But we would all suffer the consequences of such a disrupti… https://t.co/3X4s7YY0bZ

20/07/22 13:05:29
EU countries should do their best now to save 15% of annual gas consumption.   We are providing guidance to do that… https://t.co/Wv86kbIUG8

20/07/22 13:00:39
For the first time, we have to address our energy security at EU level. For this, we have to reduce our gas consum… https://t.co/y6HD7igxeQ

20/07/22 12:53:05
We have already done a lot to prepare, with #REPowerEU.   Gas storage is at 64%. Gas supply from other sources ha… https://t.co/KYTbrwFmE6

20/07/22 12:49:30
Russia is using gas as a weapon. We have to address our energy security at EU level. We learnt from the pandemic… https://t.co/moeYoCvAdB

20/07/22 12:20:25
Dear @ediramaal and @DKovachevski, you have shown patience, vision and leadership.   And you have proven time and a… https://t.co/iklvAJFVHG

19/07/22 09:13:03
We will now start the screening of the EU acquis – and proceed very quickly.   Dear @P_Fiala, @EU2022_CZ will also… https://t.co/lIYKfAJM9u

19/07/22 09:10:28
🇦🇱🇲🇰 Today, Albania and North Macedonia open accession negotiations with the EU. This historic moment is your succ… https://t.co/q5hO6u8x51

19/07/22 09:00:42
The EU is turning to trustworthy energy suppliers. Azerbaijan is one of them. With today's agreement, we commit… https://t.co/qBpNkURV0u

18/07/22 14:31:21
Azerbaijan has a tremendous potential in renewable energy. Today we are laying the ground for a new partnership in… https://t.co/QlF1hsS18T

18/07/22 14:26:24
Good meeting with @azpresident on energy and the state of 🇪🇺🇦🇿 relations. Let's strengthen our economic relations… https://t.co/DuNcRPn46v

18/07/22 14:18:17
The EU is turning to more reliable energy suppliers. Today I’m in Azerbaijan to sign a new agreement. Our goal:… https://t.co/SkHTSFj1zt

18/07/22 12:41:10
🇲🇰 Congratulations to North Macedonia on the vote that now paves the way for opening the accession negotiations rap… https://t.co/uVUW8cjVL0

16/07/22 13:51:27
There can be no doubt that the Macedonian language is your language. We fully respect that. https://t.co/YcFx63cBJZ

15/07/22 16:02:38
Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine continues unabated. Therefore we propose today to tighten our hard-hitting EU… https://t.co/sy0cdqqigb

15/07/22 15:07:02
I was honoured to accept the credentials of 16 new ambassadors to the EU today, from 🇻🇳🇦🇺🇹🇱🇪🇨🇩🇯🇲🇳🇰🇭🇰🇲🇧🇳🇦🇪🇵🇰🇨🇩🇲🇨🇧🇭🇳🇮… https://t.co/dTEV4f8fuF

14/07/22 20:57:38
🇲🇰 Иднината на вашата земја е во Европската Унија, а Европа не е цела без Северна Македонија. Ве сакаме во ЕУ! В… https://t.co/03VySGPSJY

14/07/22 18:28:11